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Giroflex 434

Giroflex 434
giroflex 434

The Giroflex 434 swivel chair impresses with excellent seating comfort and clear styling. The back part of the chair brings the typical Giroflex combination of mesh fabric and formal autonomy to the fore, ergonomically convincing, full of elasticity, transparent and breathable. The reduction to the bare essentials and the unemotional appearance allow the integration of the chair in any room concept. Fashion statements are also possible, since the mesh backrests can be simply and integrally replaced.

The base cross is made of aluminium or high quality plastic.

How to see and test?

Most of swivel and conference chairs can be seen in our showroom at Tomačevska 7a where you can test them. It is also possible to test them at your office for limited period.

Email us for appointment at showroom or request free test at your office.

Technical details:
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