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Giroflex 313

Giroflex 313
Giroflex 313

The Giroflex 313 is ready for action. This comfortable chair automatically adjusts to accommodate its users, perfect when several employees share the same workstation. The proven Giroflex form is an integral part of the design and guarantees a healthy, ergonomic sitting position. The chair’s sophisticated design is based on the limitless movement of a sphere and puts the user centre stage. With a range of coverings available – from 3D spacer fabric to high-quality leather – the Giroflex 313 is an ideal addition to any room. The superior look and feel and first-rate build quality add a touch of class to any office.

The Giroflex 313 range is designed with sustainability in mind. And its Cradle-to-Cradle certification is proof positive of this.

How to see and test?

Most of swivel and conference chairs can be seen in our showroom at Tomačevska 7a where you can test them. It is also possible to test them at your office for limited period.

Email us for appointment at showroom or request free test at your office.

Technical details:
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