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Productivity and creativity are improved when person is connected with a workspace.
Office interior design concepts are extremely important to consider when planning new offices. There are 3 things you need to take into account:

1. Branding & Personalized Design

The office should be branded to reflect the company’s values and serve as an external expression of what drives the business. The question you need to ask yourself at this point is: What does your business represent? The furniture you choose should match the company’s color scheme and logo. Your selection of chairs and seating sofas could correspond to business attitude towards partners and customers. You may be playful and use vibrant colors, unusual furniture and a playful theme to represent creativity driven concept of company’s culture. If your company stands for values and simplicity, then you can try a minimalist approach and fine plain colors. Don’t forget company’s values and mission, use these to make final design choices.

2. Office Space In several cases offices should accommodate different uses.

It's easy to create different zones for every purpose. One zone would be dedicated for formal meetings. There you will find wide desk and equal chairs to represent equal participation at the meeting. Also, there could be informal meeting zone with sofa and a small table for brainstorming actions. Depending on available space and requirements, you may incorporate some other elements to make the most of your office space. You can use wall seating elements that can be fixed to wall to rearrange the concept of interior outlay – that is pretty useful for lobbies and waiting rooms. And you could also consider silent furniture to ensure place for holding private calls or eye-to-eye conversation. Either case - the space in the office should reflect what it is used for.

3. Functional Furniture

The correct furniture can set-up optimal work environment. The physical aspect of an office can directly impact creativity, well-being and work performance. Activity-based working design recognizes that employees engage in many different activities. Different activities need different types of work setting, technology and storage component (shelves, filing systems). We shouldn’t forget about ergonomics. The ongoing changes in work equipment and organization, however, require a continuous review of the ergonomic approaches for working while sitting.

In KLUN AMBIENTI we work with our clients to help them equip their offices with padded furniture and ergonomic chairs as well as we give them guidance on how to get the most out of space with excellent design included.

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