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Ask An Architect

Do you need an architect or a designer?

Don't worry, we have both!

Below are some common questions we receive in our everyday practice. In case you have similar or completely different question – we invite you to visit us at Masarykova 14.
We will be more than glad to help you.

I'm not sure which sofa would fit into our living room?

A sofa will translate differently in the unique context of your home. It depends on the room layout, colors and other pieces of furniture. When choosing sofa make sure the place remains airy and colors harmonized. A neutral sofa can play nicely as a supportive piece while a boldly colored or patterned sofa can play a powerful role.

What fabric should I choose for sofa?

If you have pets with claws that will be on the sofa, make sure to select a fabric that will not snag. If you are going to eat on the sofa and generally live your life there consider this and choose appropriate fabric or leather that is easy to clean.  

What kind of employee behavior do I want to encourage?

Interior design of corporate place or office should be planned carefully. Design should incorporate elements that will help you achieve certain results. Your office design can help communicate your corporate mission and image to both clients and employees. Ergonomics as part of industrial science is the link between work, technology and people. The focus is on working in a sitting position, and thus the most important working position in the office environment. It has significant influence on job performance and health. Therefore, interior design and equipment should pay attention to ergonomic standards.